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Why Should I Care Chords

Diana Krall  
Why should I care  

Intro: A  F#m7 (002222) Bm  E  A    A  F  A  E

	  Bm	         Bm/a	           E/g#   E
Was there something more,     I could have done? 
       A     As		     A7
Or was I not meant to be the one? 
 	    Bm      Bm/a	      E/g#   E
Where's the life, I thought, we would share? 
 	     A   A/f  A   A/g
And should I care? 

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         Bm	      Bm/a	       E/g#   E
And will someone else,     get more of you?
         A	      As	       A7
Will she go to sleep,     more sure of you? 
         Bm      Bm/a		         E/g#   E
Will she wake up,   knowing you're still there?                             
                 A   D  A   
And why should I care? 

	       A		    Bm
There's always one to turn and walk away
Bm	                  A                 
And one who just wants to stay
    F#m	          F	         Bm
But who said that love is always fair? 
    Bm 	         A  A/d  A
And why should I care? 


         A	                     Bm
Should I leave you alone here in the dark? 
Bm                A                 
Holding my broken heart
        F#m	      F            Bm
While a promise still hangs in the air
Bm 	     A
Why should I care?

Maarheeze, july 23, 2005 
J.M. Ofchords