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Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 13:07:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Glen Norman Pavan 
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artist:  Dee Dee Ramone
title:  Runaway
album:  I Hate Freaks Like You
tuning:  standard

often, as in the intro and chorus, the D`s are  a quick slide from C# up

intro:  G  D  (four times)
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G          C          D                G                  F#        C
I can't be where I am I gotta get away Somehow as far as I can from here
Somehow it's very clear now            I get bored very easily
Maybe somewhere else                   Everyone would be more friendly

D                D          D               D
And I just wanna get away   From everything I know
C                                       G
Runaway runaway runaway as far as I can go
Runaway runaway runaway away from everything   D  D  D  D

second verse

Sneaking through the mall That's what it comes down to
No one's around in the morning I can't help feeling so blue
Walking home down the sidewalk I really know what it's like to be alone now
But my heart starts speeding up as my friends drive by in their car

repeat chorus

G C D  G C D

repeat chorus

outro:  G

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