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Secret Song Weigh Me Down Chords & Tabs

Death On Wednesday Chords & Tabs

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Secret Song Weigh Me Down Chords

Song: Secret Song (Weigh Me Down)
Artist: Death on Wednesday
Album: Songs to ____ to EP                         
Tabbed by: Roland
Email: underscors)

Please help me with this tab I will be very grateful to any one that could give me any
feed back, additions or corrections to this tab (I love this song and want the tabs for
both guitars, but I can't do it). It is only the chords that the first guitar plays.
Just listen for the strumming. I don't know why no one tabs Death on Wednesday they're
so good

Tuning: standard


E---0-2-3---(This is done on the fat string before every G is played)

G  Em
G  Em
G  Em  C  D

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G                            Em
Light up my cigarette as the sun goes down
G                    Em
And I watch the day die
G                                 Em
All thoughts disappear with the rolling time
         C                          D
And the moon takes a place in the sky

G                     Em
Now burn this cloudy haze
G                     Em
And hit me with your lie
G                                    Em
So glad you're in my ears like the rolling time
        C                        D
As the world stops to here the sound

G            Em
So weigh me down 
G              Em
and weight me down
C                               D
cos' it's long hard you can put in now

thats it for now thanks