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Lorilee Chords

Artist: David Gates (Bread)
Title: Lorilee

Per Olav Bjornoy
August 2001

Am7   [X02213]
D7    [XX0212]
Dm7   [XX0211]
G     [320003]
Cmaj7 [332000]
Esus4 [022200]
E     [022100]
Fmaj7 [X33210]
Dm7b5 [XX0111]

Intro: Am7 D7 Am7 D7

     Am7   D7               Am7        D7
Lorilee,..... how could you do this to me

     Am7    D7             Am7        D7
Came along,....took all my love for a song
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_gates/lorilee_crd.html ]
       Dm7              G            Dm7       G
When a smile light your face, it's a beautiful place

           Cmaj7                 Esus4   E
See how it shines.....see how it shines

     Am7    D7              Am7         D7
Lorilee,..... now that I've tasted your ways

        Am7   D7              Am7        D7
I could live,..... off of yor lovin' for days

         Dm7        G             Dm7          G
And when you're not around I keep missin' your sound

              Cmaj7                Esus4   E
Wish you were here..... Wish I was there

        Fmaj7         Dm7b5             Am7
You are life, you are Lee... my Lorilee