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Youre So Pretty Chords

Youíre so pretty 
Tabbed by Billy The Kid


| B | A | B | A | E | E |

Note: While playing the intro, play A on the 5th fret, so you can use your little finger
to hammer on the 7th fret of the high E string Ė listen to the song, youíll see what I
mean. This also allows you to slide back to the B chord, making it sound closer to the

*Verse 1*
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B              A                      E
   a hope that sailed straight into a halo of stone
B            A              E
   youíre so pretty in this light
B         A             E
   In the hours between morning and midday
B            A                 E
   Its kinda like youíre dying over again


F#             E
    You know I trust you girl, 
F#                E    
    donít fuck me up,
F#                 E         A
    Youíve got the power to.

The *Interlude* is the same as the intro.

*Verse 2* (Follows the same pattern as the first verse)

The blood-red water in the sky outside is seeping blue
Youíre surrounded in its light
They donít know what Iíve found
As long as we stay out of sight