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Subject: b/boo_hewerdine/evidence.crd
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 20:13:17 -0700
From: Sylmar Converter Control Room 

       By Boo Hewerdine
       by Chris (
       (CAPO 1 )

       Intro:      G       D       G      D  A

                   G       D       Esus   E

              G         D        G           D       A
              white.... roses... when I..... always  send you
               we go..  dancing  your eyes  are always on the

       G              D                       Esus       E
      red.. everyone supposes the name on the card is mine
       door.. then I ask you who are you... waiting for...

     G            D              G          D      A
      late night  phone call....  whispered voices from another
   I was only joking but here comes the punch line right across the

   G               D                   Esus       E
   room and when I answer all I get is silence on the other line
   floor and if he breaks in we won't be dancing any-more.*(TO CODA)*

                     D      A                  D        E n.c.
    and there's your  evi-  dence there's your   evi-   dence

   Repeat Verse:  Then *(TO CODA)*

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     D   A    D           A               D       A
    there's y-o-u-r..evi- dence.there's your evi- dence there's yo--

     D          A      Bm                   E
    --ur evi- dence... how can you say that it's impossible...

     DD  AA    DD  AA     F#m       G        A         A
                         I don't mind this  waiting till midnight

   F#m         G           A      A    F#m    G          F#m   G
   or that your kisses are cold......  I dont mind being left behind

           F#m        G         A           D          A
   yea.... I just wish I'd been told......your  evi-  dence.....

     D            A         D             A        Bm
     your...evi-  dence.... your....evi-  dence..  how can you say

     E               DD   AA   DD   AA         D         A
    it's impossible....               there's  your evi- dence

     D           A            D             A
     your  evi-  dence...     your  evi-   dence........

     Bm                E                  DD     AA   n.c.
     how can you say.. it's impossible

     G      D       G      D  A        G       D      Esus   (end)

    Esus=  0         Note 1.  the end of verse 2 is kind of tricky,
           0                  it stops short and goes right into
           2                  the chorus part under the D & A chords
           2                  at least that's what it sounds like
           2                  to me.
                     Note 2.  if you didn't notice this song is
                              played with a Capo on the 1st. fret.