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Sounds Of Dawn And Dusk Chords

Really basic song that sounds really great and definitely needs a tab up on here! 
Unfortunately, there's also no lyrics I can find online, 
so you get my not-so-great and often kinda ridiculous translation of it 
and Daniel Romano's singing is difficult to understand sometimes in this song.

Standard Tuning no capo

C                           G          Am           Em
Mother, are you thinking of me? Well i lost my way, completely

    F                  C              G
How could I forget the love shown to reside?

(change the root notes of the last G to G, A, B and then start the verse again!)

C                G                Am               Em
Sister, take my word. There's too many, that I've hurt

        F               C                G
Can you find it in your heart to see me well?

Chorus (over harmony 'choir' vocal parts):
C, F

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C              G             Am             Em
Father can you gaze past the person that I play?

  F              C                    G
A statue standing tall, for blinding this

C              G      Am              Em
Dearest son of mine, take my hand in that

   F               C                  G
I'm weak as when I know you'll never be

C, F

C                G           Am              Em 
Daughter, hear my heart, the one that never stops

    F                   C              G
The sounds of dawn and dusk, so perfectly

C            G       Am             Em
Lover of my ears, in you I see my fears

   F            C             G
A beauty to be two and never one

C, F

C, G, Am, F  into fade out

Enjoy :)