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Life To Me Chords

Intro: Em7 Cmaj7 Em7 Cmaj7 D x2
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Verse 1:
D          Em
Fleeting breath
Em          C
Frailest flesh
   C       D
I'm a casuality 
At best
And so I sink
Em        C
Into your depth
C        D
My only place
Of rest
G            Cmaj7
Where earth and wind
   Em        D
And sky and sea
      Bm7   Cmaj7
Could never match
 Em     D
Your majesty
D/A             G      Em     D
From where I stand I'm crying out
      C       D      Em7
Jesus you are life to me.

Verse 2:
(same chords as above)
The treachery 
Of valleys deep
Has only made
Me weak
I clothe this flesh
With holiness
My only place 
Of rest