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Drivers Side Tab

Song:	Driver's Side
Artist:	Zed


E 0
B 2
G 1
D 2
A 0
E 0

This NZ band is about to release in the US


	B I I I   D V I I  G I I I  A V I I 


B I I I   D V I I  G I I I  A V I I 

Use this strum pattern for both verses

Verse 1

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B		D
Someone's laughing
G	   A		B		D	G 	A
They must have caught a glimpse of you
B		D
They sound so happy
G	   A		B		D	G 	A
So what am I somepposed to do?
B		D
No one's blameless
G	   A		B		D	G 	A
You're having way to much fun here
B		D
They're suicdal
G	   A		B		D	G 	A
And no one seems to realy care


D	   Db	      C       G
If I could be a part of this one
D				Db
You could have the drivers side and
  B		  Bb
If I could just be half what you've been
  Am			G
My life would be complete and I'd be
  B		      Bb
The same old person but in you shoes and I'd
  Am			G
Know the things that you know too

Verse 2

Who's that laughing?
The fuss they casue is everywhere
It's inspirational
They've got to know we're out there