Yusuf Islam Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. All Kinds Of Roses Chords
02. Beloved Chords
03. Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood Chords
04. Dream On Until Chords
05. Every Time I Dream Chords
06. Green Fields Golden Sands Chords
07. Heaven Where True Love Goes Chords
08. Heaven Where True Love Goes (ver 2) Chords
09. In The End Chords
10. In This Glass World Chords
11. I Think I See The Light Chords
12. Maybe Theres A World Chords
13. Midday Avoid City After Dark Chords
14. My People Chords
15. One Day At A Time Chords
16. Roadsinger Chords
17. Roadsinger Album Chords
18. The Rain Chords
19. Thinkin Bout You Chords
20. To Be What You Must Chords
21. Welcome Home Chords
22. World O Darkness Chords