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The Painter Chords

The Painter"
Tabber: joem700
                               Neil Young
 * Notes:
 *    The tab below for the intro section is just a suggestion.  
 *    Also, there is a variation of hammer-ons around the 'C' chord in  
 *    the first two lines of each verse.  The rest of the song is 
 *    straight-forward except for the "Dadd2add4 to C1 to D1" transition
 *    in the chorus, which is as follows (sorry, I don't know the chord 
 *    names, so I refer to them as C1 and D1):
 *         Dadd2add4       C1             D1
 *      e|---------------------------------------------|
 *      B|-0h3----3-----------5-5------------7-7---7---|
 *      G|-0-0-----0-----------------------------------| 
 *      D|-0h4--4---4---4/5-5-----5---5/7--7-----7-----|
 *      A|---------------------------------------------|
 *      E|---------------------------------------------|
 *    The lap steel guitar part in the intro section can be 
 *    simulated by a second guitar as follows:
 *             Riff 1:   e|-10b1r~~~~--  (b1r -> slowly bend 1 full step 
 *             Riff 2:   e|-7b1r~~~~---               and slowly release)
 *    --> tabbed by Joe McElwain (

Tuning: standard 
Chords: Dadd2add4: x54030         C/G: 3x2013        C1:xx5x5x
        D9/F#:     200210         Am7: x02010        D1:xx7x7x

   G         C/G    Dadd2add4   Am7     G         C/G   Dadd2add4   C
                                   ^                                 ^
                                 Riff 1                            Riff 2
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