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Close To The Edge Chords

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From Thu May  8 10:17:12 1997
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 13:22:41 +0100
From: Raphael Chaise 
To: olga 
Subject: Close to the edge part

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This is for keyboard. It is a transcription of the third part of "close to
the edge" by YES.

III. I Get Up, I Get Down

INTRO :		?	|||Emaj7|C#m|||
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(G#m)In her white lace,
(Bm)You could clearly see the (F#m)lady sadly looking.
(Am)Saying that she'd take the blame
For the (B)crucifixion of her own domain.
(Emaj7)I get up, I get (C#m)down,
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.

(G#m)Two million people barely (Bm)satisfy.
(F#m)Two hundred women watch one (Am)woman cry, too (B)late.
(G#m)The eyes of honesty (Bm)can achieve.
(F#m)How many millions do (Am)we deceive each (B)day?
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.

(G#m)In charge of who is there in (Bm)charge of me.
(F#m)Do I look on blindly and (Am)say I see the (B)way?
(G#m)The truth is written all a(Bm)long the page.
(F#m)How old will I be before I (Am)come of age for (B)you?
I (Emaj7)get up, I get (C#m)down.
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.

ORGAN :	|Emaj7|Caug5+aug9|Amaug4|Badd4|

I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.
I get (Emaj7)up, I get (C#m)down.

ORGAN :	|Emaj7|Caug5+aug9|Amaug4|Badd4|

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