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What Youre Lookin For Chords

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Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 01:04:51 -0600
From: M_Stet@webtv.net (Matt Stetler)
Subject: TAB:what you're lookin' for by Zakk Wylde

                  What You're Lookin' For
                           Zakk Wylde
                   tabbed by Matt Stetler

  D               A                 Cadd9       G
repeat intro lst G strum an onpen G
D,C,G 2x's
D    C      G   
We were friends
Yet never all that close
Two different people, lord 
I guess, yeah I suppose
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wylde_zakk/what_youre_lookin_for_crd.html ]
D                                   A                           G
Well I could see by the lines on your face
So much on your mind 
Searchin' for someone, anyone 
Something to treat you kind  

    D                                                 A
I hope you found what you were lookin' for 
                 C                                              G
Cause I haven't seen your face around here no 
D                                     A
When did life become a chore
                     C                                    G
When was it that you couldn't take it anymore 
With nothin' above you and nothin' below
Couldn't cure the need for somewhere else to go 
I just hope 
That you found
C                   G                           D  
What it was you were lookin' for

repeat intro twice

D           C         G
Sweep all your fears
Beneath the rug there on the floor
Shed a new skin
No longer insecure
D                  A
You're livin' harder
Harder than you know

Tell me, how fast 
Can you burn? 
And how far can you go

That's it!
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