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Bubblegoose Chords

From Chef Aid - The South Park Album (and also released on the album Carnival)
Bubblegoose (performed by Wyclef Jean featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny)
NOTE: I worked this one out finally. No disrespect to Travis who tabbed the other version
of this song but that sounds more like let it be by the beatles! ;-) The lyrics are
available elsewhere and you'll have to work out the south park bits yourself. Any
corrections can be sent to [ROB at RETAYLOR dot CO dot UK] and i'll try and include
update them. Thanks. \/\/omabt.

The chords are:

C  [010230]
Am [012200]
F  [112330]
G  [334553]

Simply repeat these four chords throughout the song. The solo might be slightly different.

Verse (1)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wyclef_jean/bubblegoose_crd_ver_2.html ]
C                  Am                F                G
Sit Right Back and hear a tale, of a hustler round my way 

C                 Am                     F                G
Who used to clock around the block, from where my grandma stayed 

        C        Am             F              G
A Black BMW with rims to match, windows bullet proof 

    C               Am                        F                   G
One Night he jumped out the car, and caught a Bullet in his Bubblegoose 

Chorus X2

            C                   Am
He Caught a bullet in His Bubblegoose. 

            F                   G
He Caught a Bullet in His Bubblegoose. 

          C                   Am
You can be at a party getting loose. 

            F                      G
But you can catch a bullet in your goose.