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Bubblegoose Chords

hey this is the tab to Wyclef's kick ass tune "Bubblegoose" which was
on the South Park "chef aid" cd as well as his album "Carnival"

Its really quite simple the chords are:

C  [335553]
G  [355433]
Am [577555]
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wyclef_jean/bubblegoose_crd.html ]
C                  G                   Am              Fm  C
Sit right back and hear a tale of a hustler 'round my way He used to clock 
G                     Am                 Fm     C             G 
around the block from where my grandma stayed Black BMW with rims to match, 
Am             Fm      C                  G
windows bulletproof One night, he jumped out the car 
              Am              Fm
and caught a bullet in his bubblegoose 
    C                        G
He caught a bullet in his bubblegoose 
            Am                 Fm
He caught a bullet in his bubblegoose 
          C                     G
You can be at the party gettin' loose 
              Am                       Fm
But you can catch a bullet in your bubblegoose 

That should be enough to help you!