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Hey I was checking out my favorite studio band and looking for some 
of their tabs, when I found none, so here you go my contribution to 
society.  If you haven't heard of Willow Works you need to Check 'em out
"Not A Day Goes By," written by Chad Hayden of Willow Works.
G                       D           E7           C7
When I saw you there so helpless so frail I felt something break in me
G                                  D                E7   C7              
I know you probably don't care and I doubt you ever will but you know I still feel
G               D                 E7          C7
I remember when you were my whole life Was it that long ago
G                                   D              E7      C7                           C7C7C7C7
we didn't last too long, Cuz I went through it all wrong...And for that you should know
G              D                    E7                    C7
Not a day goes by that I don't try, to loose the pain yet I wonder why
G           D                 E C
I could not be the one for you
G                       D                  E7               C7
and your head lays down and I look around, I feel the rain and I hear th' sound
G     D             E7   C7   (PAUSE)
but I could not bee blue..... Cuz I'm thinking of you.

I don't know the rest but it is a great song, you need to check out
the version with the piano, and electric, however the acoustic is still
good....Happy playing.
J. Haub 
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