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Portapotty Tab

Artist: Keller Williams
Song Title: Portapotty
Album: Spun

The verse and chorus are played relatively the same way.
The only difference is the G7 in the 2nd part of each verse.

G                     C          G
I fell in love in the portapotty line
In the parking lot of some show
G                       C            G
She was dancin' 'round, clutchin' herself
                    D           G
She was waitin' for her turn to go

    G                               C             G
Her dreadlocks swung down like them shiny, golden chains
And she looked to be strong and brave
G                                C             G
My nose was filled with a bouqet of patchoulli oil
                        D             G
And it looked like that she had never shaved

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G7                      C        G  (etc.)
Well, I knew right away I was in love
That she was the one for me
I could not tell if she felt the same way,
But I knew that she had to pee


-breakdown I-

The sunlight shone bright through the sundress she wore
And reflected off the ring in her nose
Her ankle bells jangled as she danced around
I was proud of the line I had chose

When all of a sudden, she could not take it no more
On that portapotty she wailed and she banged
And as she started tippin' it back and forth
I just raised my head and I sang


-breakdown II-

That pretty little vacant sign showed her face
And she flew right in like Peter Pan
I wanted to be there when she was done 
So I went and peed behind a van

Well, I did not realize just how much had been drunk
I stood there for the length of the song
Well, I zipped up, went back to that portapotty
But my sweet, little lover was gone


-stop and then speed up-

She was dancin' 'round, clutchin' herself
She was waitin' for her turn to go

G----C----D----G   G7(let ring)

That's about it.

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-Sonic Terrorist (Phukin' Tim)