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Lovin Cup Chords

Keller plays a 10 string tuned down ½ step on the recording I found.
LOVIN CUP        keller williams
INTRO:  G CC G G G    4X

      G                       D                   C                       G G cG
There comes a time - when the blind man takes your hand - says-don’t you see

                    C  D            C                G            
You gotta make it some how - on the dream you still believe  -  but don’t

            C  D D D d#         Em      F               Em   F               Em //Dsus                                                                                                                                                             
       give it up  –  gotta empty cup____only love can fill___only love can fill

G          Bm7   Am7  Bm7         C   D    
From day to day – just letin’ it ride  

G               Bm7                    Am7     Cg = open C chord with G fingered on 3rd fret                                                                                                                                   
you get so far away from how really feels inside
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/williams_keller/lovin_cup_crd.html ]
G            Bm7     Am7        Bm7        C     D    
You cannot let go  -  cause your afraid to fall   

 G         Bm7                   Am7        Cg   
The day may come when you cannot feel at all 
   G         Bm7   Am7     Bm7      C      D  
Walkin all morning, went walking all night 

 G                  Bm7                   Am7              Cg
You can’t make much difference between the dark and the light

G            Bm7   Am7      Bm7      C      D
And I feel the wind, and I taste the rain

G            Bm7                 Am7          Cg
But never in my mind to cause you so much pain
F                Em                      
  Only love can fill    4x