Will Hoge Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. All Night Long Chords
02. Another Song Nobody Will Hear Chords
03. Baby Girl Tab
04. Better Off Now Chords
05. Be The One Tab
06. Bible Vs Gun Chords
07. Carousel Tab
08. Dirty Little War Chords
09. Doesnt Have To Be That Way Chords
10. Even If It Breaks Your Heart Chords
11. Even If It Breaks Your Heart (ver 2) Chords
12. Fools Gonna Fly Chords
13. Founding Fathers Chords
14. Goddam California Chords
15. Heartbreak Avenue Tab
16. Hey Tonight Chords
17. Highway Wings Chords
18. Its A Shame Tab
19. King Of Grey Chords
20. Lover Tonight Chords
21. Lover Tonight (ver 2) Chords
22. Man Who Killed Love Tab
23. My American Dream Chords
24. Not That Cool Chords
25. Pretty Sure Im Over You Chords
26. Pretty Sure Im Over You (ver 2) Chords
27. Secondhand Heart Chords
28. Seven Spanish Angels Chords
29. Silver Or Gold Chords
30. Someone Elses Baby Chords
31. Strong Chords
32. Sunshine Burn Chords
33. These Were The Days Chords
34. The Illegal Line Chords
35. The Wreckage Chords
36. This Highways Home Chords
37. Too Old To Die Young Chords
38. Tv Set Chords
39. When I Can Afford To Lose Chords
40. When I Get My Wings Chords
41. Woman Be Strong Chords
42. You Make Me Happy Chords
43. You Make Me Happy (ver 2) Chords