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Pick Up The Change Chords

Band - Wilco
Song - Pick Up The Change

G Bm G C 
If it's just your heart talking, honey i don't mind

Am G C Am
If you want to call me darling, that's just fine that's just fine

G Bm G C
If your mind starts wandering it'll fall in line

Am G C Am
When I kiss your cheak dear, everytime everytime.

G C Am
We used to have a lot of things in common
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G C Am
But you know now we're just the same

G C Am 
You always had more than i really wanted

Aw, honey help me pick up the change

Bridge: G-Bm-G-C Am-G-C-Am

if it's just you're heart talking
i'll listen every time
dear you can talk my ear off anytime, anytime
if my mind starts wandering
it won't be gone long
whenever i hear your heart talking
it's a song, it's a song