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Handshake Drugs Chords

                               *Handshake Drugs*
                               *A Ghost Is Born*

Intro: D - G - F

I was chewing gum for something to do
      G                       F
The blinds were being pulled down on the dew
Inside out of love, what a laugh
                   G        F
I was looking for you

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The saxophones started blowing me down
I was buried in sound
     F                          D
And taxi cabs were driving me around
          G                F
To the handshake drugs I bought downtown

They were translating poorly
I felt like a clown
I looked like someone I used to know
I felt alright
And if I ever was myself
I wasn't that night

It's ok for you to say what you want from me
I believe that's the only way for me to be
Exactly what you want me to be