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Underature Bass Tab

                              Underature by The Who
                              Bass played by John Entwhistle
                              Tabbed by Peter Magestro

The bass starts on the 13th guitar stuming. 

G ---9--------7------9-------7-|
D --9-9------7------9-9-----7--|        _____________verse 1
A 7-----7---5--5---7---7---5--5|
E -----------------------------| 

You do this for a while,then on the 24th strum it lowers and so does the bass.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/who/underature_btab.html ]
G --7-------5------7-------5-|
D -7-7-----5------7-7-----5--|            ____________verse 2
A 5---5---3--3---5---5---3--3|
E -------------------------- |

You'll do this a bit then go into this.

D -------------5-2--5-2--3-1------|         _______________verse 3
A 3333333333333-------------1--3-1|
E --------------------------------|

You'll reapeat this a few times then do verse 1 2 and 3 again.

Pretty good song and fun to play. Have fun.