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Real Solution 9 Tab

White Zombie (_A2K_ #3) Tabbed by Chris Yate (chrisyate@aol.com)
HTMLed by P$ylip.  Thanks P$sylip. - Dave
Guitar Part
Drop D tuning
Riff 1
Use a slide, or whammy bar is ok
        s        s                s
E ------------------------||-----------------0-
B ------------------------||-----------------0-
G ---------------------x3*||-----------------0-
A 0-0-10/12--0-10/12------||-0-0-10/12---0-----
D 0-0-10/12--0-10/12------||-0-0-10/12---0-----
Riff 2
(plus Rob going "Yeah")
E ----------------------------------------------||
B ----------------------------------------------||
G ------------------------------------------x4-*||
D ---------------------------------------------*||
A -10-7-10-11-12-0-0-10-10-7-10-7-10-11-12------||
D -10-7-10-11-12-0-0-10-10-7-10-7-10-11-12------||
Riff 3     =
E ----------------------||
B ----------------------||
G ------------------x4-*||
D 0-0--0-00-0000000----*||
A 0-0--0-00-0000000-----||
D 0-0--0-00-0000000-----||
      |mute........| =
Riff 4
E --------------||   This the same as Riff 1 but
B --------------||    make the slide last a whole bar
G -----------x4*||
A 0-0-10/12-----||
D 0-0-10/12-----||
Intro: Voice Sample - =
"yeah I remember her saying"
"I'm already dead" (repeat)
"We want you to get up and hold your hands in some stupid symbol"
"you're gonna get up and scream"
"you're gonna get up and... burn an X in your head!!!"
Riff 1 x2
Verse + Chorus no guitar  then  Riff 2
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Apocalyptic dreams see the ordinary madness
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
I never lock the dogs when the wolf is in the darkness
Chorus: (repeat)
Come on, come on the motherfucker's on fire, =
He cut through the bone, he cut through the wire
 (w/riff 2) Yeah - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Into another world number 9 bring the death in
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Loser take it all getting high on the kick in
Who will... etc
Got 24 hours of the psycholic magic
Who will... etc
Illuminate the face and the eye of the serpent
Riff 3 x2
Riff 3 with Riff 4  x2
16 bars no guitar
"I'm already dead" - repeat
Riff 2
Riff 3 with Riff 4
Fadeout with lots of samples
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