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Why Cant You Be Nicer To Me Tab

                Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me? - The White Stripes
Tabbed by: Andrew Killmer  
Email: andrewkillmer@cox.net

Tuning: Standard

e|---------------|                               e|---------------|
B|----------2h3--|  <- Repeat this three times   B|---------------|
G|----------2h3--|   (this is the main riff)     G|---------------|
D|------4-4------|                               D|--4-2---4-2----|
A|--(0)-4-4------|                               A|--4-2---4-2----|
E|--(0)-2-2------|                               E|--2-0---2-0----|

Then for the verses you repeat the same riff as in the intro. 
Before the end of every verse Jack lets a Em ring out.

Here's the solo of the song, it has a weird effect to it (a combination of
a pitch shifter and a reverb or delay. The pitch at around a -11 variation).
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/white_stripes/why_cant_you_be_nicer_to_me_tab.html ]
B|----------------------5-3------|	Repeat this a couple more times, of 
G|--3/12--------------------4-0--|	course without the 3/12 slide. Then 
D|--------4-4--4-4---------------|	end with a nice long Em.

The end of the song is the same pitch shift/reverb or delay effect, just play
an open G string, then end with a clean strum of a barre F# (244322).

These are pretty much it to the song, just listen to it to figure out how to
piece it together and what not. I'm not doing all the work for you! 


Somebody's screaming
Looking at the ceiling, oh

Everything's so funny
I don't have any money, oh

People don't even know me
But they know how to show me, oh

Why can't you be nicer to me?

My pride is dying
I think I'm all done lying, oh

Nobody's sharing
So I stop caring, oh

All alone and walking
Nobody's talking, oh

Why can't you be nicer to me?

Well the wind is blowing
where am I going, oh

Off a bridge and falling
Nobody's calling, oh

On the ground and laying
Nobody's praying, oh

Why cant you be nicer to me?