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Lord Send Me An Angel Chords

By: Jack Rabbit (Brakenmonkey@aol.com)

Originally by Blind Willie McTell

Chord Voicings
A7 x02223
E7 022130

    Fill 1          Fill 2

A     A7   E     E7   D          Dsus4  D
Good Lord, good Lord, send me an angel down
       A                     E       (Fill 1) A     (Fill 2) A
Can't spare no angel, we'll send you teasin' brown

Well that new way of loving, swear to god it must be best
For these Detroit women won't let Mr. Jack White rest

There was a cry on the corner, wonder what could it be
Must be some women, tryin' to get to me
I Went down to the station, suitcase in my hand
All the women run cryin', "Mr. Jack, won't you be my man?"
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Well there was three women, yellow, brown and black
Take a man from Detroit to pick which one I like
One of 'em Hampshire yellow, one of 'em Detroit brown
But the southwest darkskin sure to turn my damper down

Well ticket agent, ticket agent where did my baby go?
Tell me what she looked like I'll tell you what road she's on
Well she's a long tall Mama, mounahair(?) from the ground
She's a tailor made Mama she ain't no hand me down

Well I used to say married women, sweetest women ever born
You better change that thing you better leave married women alone
Take my advice let married women, boy let 'em be
Cos their husband'll grab ya, beat your ragged ass with a cedar tree

I got two women, you can't tell 'em apart
I got one in my bosom and the other one is in my heart
Well that woman in my bosom, she live in Tennesee
But that one in my heart well she don't give a darn for me

I'm gonna tell you pretty Mama, exactly who I am
When I walk in that front door and hear that back door slam