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Its True That We Love One Another Chords

The White Stripes - It's True That We Love One Another
Tabbed by Aaron Heinemann

A: ---x---   D: ---2---   E: ---0---
   ---2---      ---3---      ---0---
   ---2---      ---2---      ---1---
   ---2---      ---0---      ---2---
   ---0---      ---x---      ---2---
   ---x---      ---x---      ---0---

+ - sung by Jack White
- - sung by Holly Golightly
~ - sung by Meg White
# - sung by all

#Well, it's true that we love one another,
-I love Jack White like a little brother.**
 E                           D
+Well, Holly, I love you too, but there's just so much,
 D                      A
+That I dont know about you.

-Jack gimme some money, to pay my bills,
+All the dough i give you Holly you been usin' on pain pills.
-Jack, will you call me if you're able?
+Got your phone number written on the back of my bottle.
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-Jack I think you're pulling my leg,
-And I think maybe I better ask Meg.
-Meg, do you think Jack really loves me?
~You know I don't care 'cause Jack really bugs me.

~Why don't you ask him now?
-Well, I would, but Meg I really just don't know how.
~Just say, "Jack, do you adore me?"
+Well, I would, Holly, but love really bores me.

+Holly gimme some of your English lovin',
-If I did that Jack I'd have one in the oven.
-Why don't you go off and love yourself?
+If I did that, Holly, there won't be anything left for anybody else.

-Jack it's too bad about the way that you look.
+Y'know I gave that horse a carrot so he'd break your foot.
~Will the two of you cut it out,
~And tell 'em what it's really all about?

** Bridge: ---------

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