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From: majakobs@news.abo.fi (Markus Jakobsson FIN)

   "LOVE AIN'T NO STRANGER" (Transcribed by Markus Jakobsson)

The acoustic guitar enters, arpeggiating the same chords(almost). It is pos-
soble that the slide in the Bsus2 chord should be a hammer-on. It is also 
possible that I just have tin ears, but I do think I hear SOME sort of grace 
note there. Anyway, it is just a detail, so if the fingering is tricky to you,
forget it.NOTE: What I call "dive bomb" slide has nothing to do with the thing
you do with the whammy bar. I just don't know what else you call those long,
fast slides down the low E-string.

[-Rhythm Fig.1--------------]                  Strum chords and let ring.
|-----------|---------------| Played 5 times, |----------|-0------------|
|---------3-|-------------2-| and then...     |-0--------|-2------------|
|---2----0--|---2------s-4--|                 |-4--------|-2------------|
|--0----0---|--2----(2)/4---|                 |-4--------|-2------------|
|-----------|-0---2---------|                 |-2--------|-0------------|
|-2---3-----|---------------|                 |----------|---------xxxxx|
  Verse 2:(with rhy.fig1)                      xxx=Electric guitars enters,
C-Main Riff/Third Verse

()=These notes are there, but I can't make out if they are played by the 
hammond or another guitar. They don't have to be played by this guitar, anyway

[-Rhythm Fig2----------------------------------------------------------------]
|-(3-2-3)----|-(3-2-3)----|-(3-2-3)-----|-----------|-------With- drum-fills-|
                                                Let E5-chord ring   
Make sure to nail that staccato rhythm, and to shake that last B5-chord in
every bar a little. (Maybe it would make more sense to place the 2/4 bar  
after the A5-chord, but that's one for the music theory guys to think about.)

[-Rhythm Fig. 3---------------------------------------------------------------]
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/white_snake/love_aint_no_stranger_tab.html ]
Those slighly muted G5-Chords are the key to the fat, chunky sound. I don't
really remember if those "extra" chunks on the open and fifth fret of the A-
string really are on the record, but experiment with 16th-note chunks there.
It can sound very cool...

                     Let Chord Ring. 

E-Guitar Solo

The rhythm part behind the solo is a semi-distorted electric, playing a pro-
gression almost like the one in Rhythm Figure 1. The chords are the same, but
I think they are arpeggiated a little differently. Play that, and nobody will
notice. The solo is a slow beautiful melody thing, that should not be hard to
figure out. I haven't transcribed it, since I work out my own leads for the co-
ver tunes I learn.(Try it, it's great fun).The last three bars of the rhythm
part goes something like this.

|--3--3-----|----|-----|      Then the song comes back to rhythm figure 1.
|--0--0---2-|-2--|-(2)-|        [--------8---------]
|--2--3-----|----|-----|       With Verse 1.     "Lord have mercy...
                                                  Love ain't no stranger!!!"
F-Agressive part.(Dunno what else to call it)
Play this part aggressively(Why do I keep giving these instructions? You know
how the record sounds. Oh, well...).

 with Ry.fig2, 1,5 times, then...  |------------|-----|------------|
 [-----6------]                    |------------|-----|------------|


Turn down the volume knob on your guitar a bit for this tone. This is mainly
Rhythm Figure 1, again with some different arpeggiations.

 [-----6-----]  |-----------|----------|-----|
                                  "I ain't no stranger..."

 There we are. I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but I'm too sick of this
machine to double check anything. If something is missing, or if something is 
unclear, mail me. If the guy who requested this song still needed it and found
it useful, I would appreciate it if he mailed me and let me know. That goes for
everyone else who finds use for it as well. It is always nice to get some feed-
     "Well I got this guitar,
      and I learned how to make it talk..."
       -Bruce Springsteen, "Thunder Road"-