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Okay, ive been visiting this site for a while now and most of the tabs 
have been fairly accurate, but you guys are slacking as far as the new 
weezer album goes.  luckily ive got most it figured out.  heres how
simple pages goes....

F#5  E5

A5 E5 F#m D5

(cant you see..)
C#m F#m (A5?)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weezer/simple_pages_crd.html ]
D5 E5 A5 E5 A5 D5

D5 D5M7 Bm  

then it goes back to the verse and that's pretty much the whole song.
after the second chorus however they play the intro and go back into the
verse. im not sure if the song is all power chords like ive written it 
but it sounds better like that. any necessary corrections are welcome.  have fun with it.