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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Pink Triangle Bass Tab

Hello! This is a tricky song and it was extremely hard to figure out cuz the bassist 
doesnt follow the guitarist in ANY way shape or form, so0o0o0o0o that made transcribing it 
mucho difficult. but enjoy the tabs, its fun to play! Weezer: Pink Triangle

"when i'm stable long enough i start to look around for..."
G -----------------------------------
D --------4-3-3-3--4-----------------
A 2-2-2-------------4-4-4------------
E -------------------------4-2-2-1-1-
"but when i start to feel that pull..."
G ---------------------------------------------------------
D -------------1-------------------------------------------
A ----1-0--1-2--3-4-------------2-4-------------2----------
E 0-2---------------4-2-4--0-2------0-2-4-2--0-2-4-0-2-4-2-

"i'm dumb, she's a lesbian..."
G ------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------
A ----1-1--2-2-----2-2----------------
E 2-2----------2-2-----2-2--4-4-4-4---
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weezer/pink_triangle_btab_ver_3.html ]
"oh, pink triangle..."
G -------------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------------
A ------------------2-2-----2-2-4-4----------------
E 2-2--4-4-4-4--2-2-----2-2---------2-2-2-2---2...-

*verse (1st part) "might've smoked a few in my time..."
*2nd part "when i think i've found a good ol' fashion girl"
* "i'm dumb she's a lesbian" part
* "oh, pink triangle" part

guitar solo (not sure of this part...)
G ---------------------------------------------------------
D --------------------------------1-1----------------------
A 6-6---------2-1-1-2-4-4--2----------2-4-2-2-2--4-4-4-4-4-
E ----1-2-2-4----------------4--2---------------4----------
...i think...
 2x (?)

* "i'm dumb she's a lesbian" part...out of each pair of notes only play ONE, just make it 
longer (double time, sort of)
* "oh pink triangle" part (regular time again)

and then it repeats the "i'm dumb" part and "oh, pink triangle" part again in different 
combos, but thats easy enought to figure out! ;)


if u have any other suggestions or problems or questions or comments or something email 
me at peralta7p@wmconnect.com.

happy bass playing!