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Falling Out Chords

Ween - 'Falling Out'.
Tabbed by Kevin - rodan@another.com.
Falling out by Ween. off of 'White Pepper'

This isn't in the right key but it does work.......

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/ween/falling_out_crd.html ]
Am         Dm                Am     
I recall a time when we were lovers
             Dm         Am
Before you I hadn't any other 
             C               Am
But when the bad times came along 
  Dm                 Am
I turned and you had gone 
         G                        Am
>From the start I loved you, I was wrong 
Falling out 
Its the end
       Dm              Am
May as well have never been
The cards are up 
                         E  G  E
The chips are all cashed in 
You wont see me again 
        Dm            Am
Dont consider me your friend 
        G                       Am
Falling out, look away, its the end 

Am                Dm            Am
Always thought of you as my big brother 
              Dm                  Am
Never knew we couldn't trust each other
    C             Am
Two faces I could see, 
       Dm             Am
As you shook my money tree
          G                      Am
Theres no more you and me let it be


Guitar solo (same chords as verse).......And so on....

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