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Pork Chords

Its actually an amazing song, so here are the chords For Pork!

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F#	     A
Pork it's the meat of kings
        B			E
It's made from pigs try it with onion rings
F#		A
Pork sure goes with everything
	B		             E
Cos it's made from swine thats why it sure tastes fine
F#		      A
Just bring some to the picnic baby
          B			 E
You know you wanna put some in the hamper
F#		        A
But please put it in some tupperware
       B		     E
Cos i don't wanna be a porky chancer
Let's talk about pork 

Converse about meat

Veggies v Weggies 
A	     B
Good meat can't be beat
F#      F#     F#     F#    F#      F#    F#
Ham and bacon you should taste them
F#		       A               B
I know it's surprising but they're so appetising