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Sweet Massachusettes Chords

Sweet Massachusettes - WARM GUN

Intro(play twice) G D

G                                  D                               G



Em          D          C  
I watch the plane fly away, from the place it left me
Em      D             C
with a coldness in my heart.
Em         D               C       
This old place dont look familar to me now,
    Em              D         C
but I suppose it's good to be home.
Em       D              C      
All my ambitions and my dreams left on that jetplane,
Em           D             C/G
back to the place that I belong.

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           G         D          C      G
Sweet Massachusettes, I want to see it again
D         C        G
I want to be there again.
         D                               C
but it's hard when you're banished three thousand
miles away.


Dont get me wrong I love the country I come from
and my roots I'd never want to change.
But it was in the U-S of A that I finally found my way
a steady road I walked on.
All the bills I could not pay, so they sent me away,
and now all I think of is- 

Sweet Massachusettes, I want to see her again
I want to feel it again.
but it's hard when you're banished three thousand
miles away.

{Bridge} Am C G
         Am D7 G

Now my girl waits for me, hoping someday for my return.
but it seems so far away.
I hate to put her through this pain, to hear her cry on the line
I cannot comfort her of hold her hand.
I cant stand this hell, I might as well be in jail,
if I'm not with her.
My soul companion I did meet, when I lived on Bostons streets
I've got to get back somehow....to

Sweet Massachusettes, I want to hold her again
I've got to hold her again.
I need to see her again, I want to love her again.  ect ect..
but it's hard when you're banished three thousand
miles away.

Sweet Massachusettes, sweet Massachusettes, sweet Massachusettes

Words and Music by Liam Duggan