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Skinny Lips Chords

Skinny Lips (acoustic)
unreleased song
words and music by Jakob Dylan
tabbed by Ian (ickis@new.rr.com)
lyrics from The Wallflower Network
I used a recording from around....97 i think. it's just acoustic w/ accordian

Chords *all verses variations of the chords


Intro (more or less) 


G                            D
Well there goes Sally
G           D
My old lady
G                   D
She gone crazy
     A           Bm               A
Drawing lines on her face.

And you know I got a feelin'
That Sally's been a' stealin'
'Cause I was hip to this,
That you don't trust
Skinny lips
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/wallflowers/skinny_lips_crd.html ]
Sally's got a good heart,
Raised in a churchyard
But it ain't ever far
From the backyard
To the boulevard

Cemetery girls ain't fun
They ain't sweet like sugar plums.
She wasn't always like this,
But she did have
Skinny lips.

Well I don't believe it
She don't need it from me
Hey hey hey hey hey

Now I seen her on weekends,
My little rose garden.
Sayin' hello to all her friends
And the gentlemen.

Now I heard it from a junkie
That my old lady
Wasn't mine but everyone's
Skinny lips.

Well I don't believe it
She don't need it from me
Hey hey hey hey hey

Come on, I need a witness
Lord it shouldn't ever be like this,
'Cause I know you won't be the pill
That makes me feel that I'm the best

Come on, come on, skinny lips
Come on, and give me just one kiss.
'Cause you know I only got one wish
That I wanna be in love with skinny lips 

Well I don't believe it
She don't need it from me
Hey hey hey hey hey