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Edinger Chords

artist:  waking ashland
song:  edinger
key:  G

intro: piano - D-C-G (you figure out timing)
C5 - D5 - A5

verse: same as intro
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/waking_ashland/edinger_crd.html ]
chorus:         C2                     D2
         Was it fate that brought us here
                Em               D2
         My mistakes I made in fear
                    C2                  D2
         Is it too late to change my mind?
         Am            G              
         Who have I been?        
  lead - CBGE  CBGEGED
         Am                 G                    Am
         Who have I been?   When will this end?  Time's running thin
         Figure it out, figure it out

instrumental: verses