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Searchin My Soul Chords

Fantasic strum along after a long day!


D     :  xx0212
D5    :  xx0210
Dsus4 :  xx0122
C     :  x32013
G     :  320033
Bb    :  x1333x
F     :  133211
A     :  x02220

(Capo on third fret)


D  D5  Dsus4  D5  C  G  D

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/v/vonda_shepard/searchin_my_soul_crd.html ]
D  D5  Dsus4  D5  C  G  D


Bb  F  G  B  Bb  F  G  A


D  G  C  G


As verse

Try to pick the chord changes C to G using the chords and open strings in the change on strings AD&G.

I'm noe trying to make this submission longer as it won't let me submit it as it is too short. Pah!