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Mary Jane Chords

Verse 1

D    Dmaj7      D      Dmaj7    Am     G/B
Mary jane said lifes a wait, I already knew

D            Dmaj7         D       Dmaj7           Am         G/B   C  D
Because where down, we'll lose the town...just like, I would choose.....oh, ooh
Am,  Asus2,  Am,  G/B,  C,  Csus2,  C,  Csus2, C, Csus2, D

D                    Am      Asus2         Am         C       Csus2, C, Csus2
oooh oooh!...But i've......

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D                           Am   Asus2  Am    C   Csus2    C    Csus2
Mary jane     Mary jane     Mary jane         mary jane

Verse 2
Mary Jane said minds are games, I went to the moon,
Before we know, she'll have to go, I wish I were there too......


Last verse

D      Dmaj7       D        Am           G/B        C
Mary says..................I, I  can love you

D         Dmaj7            D
Lifes    a    wait         why,   why,

Am            G/B
should   I    lose          ooh      ooh

         Am    Asus2     Am      C    Csus2     C    Csus2
When    I've    got    to      go


The End