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Homesick Chords

Piano starts:
F                              C                   G
I left my hoooome,  I left my hoooome,  yeah yeah

(repeat chords)

Dm                       F                           C  
Nothin's gonna save you, nothin's gonna save you out there.

(guitar comes in, same chords as piano)

went on my own..... blah blah

C             F                C              F  
I can see the leaves of golden glisten in the sun
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Am              F           G                  F   
makin' time for everyone is what i should have done

C                   F                C             F 
blue and green with eyes between are actin all the same

Am             F             G              F   
you and me are never free until we're cast away

F                     C
but it really doesn't matter

F                       C
couldn't change it if i tried

F                        C
though it really doesn't matter

     Dm                  G
i'll do it till i get it right