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Only Words Chords

Band  : Verve Pipe
Song  : Only Words
Album : Underneath

PREFERRED                  or simplier
e| 5                         e| 0
B| 3                         B| 3
G| 0                         G| 0
D| 4                         D| 4
A| 5                         A| 5
e| 0                         e| 0

(with this C* chord you can switch them around as you hear them, Brian does!)

**Intro and Verses: Am C* **
(These two chords repeat back and forth.  Listen to the song!!)

Through evidence of cirumstance
You held me to a second chance
feigning interest so sincere
I curse the days I've wasted here.

**Chorus: A e G D **
[ Tab from: ]
All the words that you waste debating
every word so intimidating
I could let a lot of things that you say go
I could never let another day go
All the words that evaporated
Every word so intimidating
I'll never make mention of it if you say so
But I could never let another day go by

**Verse2 Am C* ** 

Definitions you have missed
Punctuated by your fist
Feigning interest out of fear
I curse the days I've wasted here

D                                    Dm
But I could never let another day go by

**Bridge: Dm A D Dm **
Dm                     A            D
Surprise yourself with every word
D    Dm
so absurd

Guitar Solo: e B D A

(This was taught to me by Brian Vander Ark himself so it's a perfect chord tab. He's the
sweetest guy in the whole wide world, check out his new stuff at Drop him
an email and tell him Elizabeth from Dallas sent you. :) ) 

email: for questions!