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Intro: (A  C#m  F#m  D)  x2

 A                C#m	                         F#m	D
My friend and me looking through her red box of memories
 A                  C#m	                       F#m	    D
Faded I'm sure but love seems to stick in her veins you know

(Yes, there's love if you want it don't sound
         C#m	    D         C#m-D  A  C#m  F#m  D
like no sonnet, my lord)  x2  my lord
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  A                     C#m                   F#m      D
Why can't you see that nature has its way of warning me
A               C#m	                      F#m          D
Eyes open wide looking at the heavens with a tear in my eye  Coro

 E                                C#m-D   C#m-D
Sinking faster than a boat without a hull my lord
  E                                   C#m - D   C#m-D  E  (C#m-D)  x2   E
Dreaming about the day when I can see you there my side          by my side

D             E 		  C#m	-  D                  E
 Here we go again and my head is gone, my lord I stop to say hello
                           C#m     - D
'cause I think you should know, (by now)  hasta el final