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Who We Are Tab

tuning-(E A D G B E)
main riff


my name is mickey
I want burger king
a burger smaller then my ding-o-ling
I'm high that's no surprize
i rub my booty on my french fries

im mickey give ya a little hicky
boy's and girls have a lil dick-e
my sister has nice titties

when i play the guitar people say
"are you hitting a baby with a kitty?"
I got a mattress
covered with splat.
whats that?
are you fat or black
no just some more gay rap.
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I want Burger King.
A burger smaller than my ding-a-ling
Microscopic bite size
with tiny fries
to my suprize 
They spit on them and thats no lie.
My own shoe 
I can't tie
Make a baby cry 
 it's a slip on.
sister is fine from
the back
Smell those draws they blow my mind.
Moms too
Mr McGoooo
A instead
charlie mc who
two +2

Stink is the thing that makes me gag
don't be a fag
Suck a twat rag
You dousche bag
You live in a three story pudding box
Fart in the toaster
Then in your sox.
Stay far from Sears

Verse 1 


Get out the Ghetto
Raise your kids.
did your mom
she was the bomb 
got a 10 pound salam
go drown  a fish
give my butt a lil kiss