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Bridge Tab

Band:           Veller
Song:           Bridge
Tabbed by:      Matthew Arnsdorf
Email address:

[This is a song by my band, Veller, which means it's tabbed]
[correctly.  It's pretty fresh--the band hasn't even heard ]
[it yet.  This is my FIRST tab, so it may suck, but--but-- ]
[I like the song, and I hope you do, too.  I don't know how]
[to do time signatures and crap, so just guess.  Maybe you ]
[will come up with something you can use out of this.      ]
[                          Enjoy!                          ]

T A B   E X P L A N A T I O N :

p (above ^)  = pull-off.  You probably already know that.
     = false harmonic.
PM (above .) = palm mute the note under the periods.

   PM         PM          PM         PM          PM         PM
   . .        .           . .        .           . .        .

[ Tab from: ]
                                            . .

Do that four times.  Then, go immediately to the most-used/least-original chord of our time:  the E-something-or-other.  Maybe it's just an E.  I don't care; go to it.



Now you do this four times, and do it all over again.
is my suggested format.  Also, make up your own damn lyrics.
I'm not giving you those.  Oh, and the drummer should be
going at about... 120 beats per minute.  That should help
you with the timing.