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From: "Nils Dücker" 
Subject: v/van_halen/
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 10:26:00 PDT

                                    On fire
                                   Van Halen
                               Tabbed by Nisse D.

Ok i´ve been all over the web trying to find this, but haven´t 
seen anything but the solo, so i thought i´d do it by myself.
This is a rather tricky song to figure out, because of all small 
licks, so everything might not be correct...                                             

Use a delay,set at about 250 ms or so,plus a flanger to give 
that ominous distorted sound that Eddie gets.
There´s bits of lyric to help you keep up.
Anyway, here goes:


b  : bend
bf : bend full
x  : noise
w  : whammy
pm : palmmute
(5): natural harmonic
\  : slide downwards
/  : slide upwards
T  : tap note (i never tap using the pick,
               finger-tapping gives a greater sound)
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*:bend 2nd and start picking fast while sliding up to 17th fret without 
  actually fretting,thus causing harmonics.

Then do this:

|-0-(5)-(5)-(5)-(5)---|     Strike harmonic at 5th then make noise on muted 
|------x---x---x---x--|     strings g and b.The rythm may feel a bit awkward
|-----x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-|     at first,but you`ll soon get the hang of it.

Pre verse:

verse 1:
  bf Pm.................
      "turn your radio`s ooon!, i´ll be a right there"
(note: < and > means slide >:up or