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On My Own Chords

Hi My name is Butch Deemer, I live in North East Maryland.  I love this song, and I
think you'll find that my version is one of the best out there.
This is an acoustic version I aranged, I can play it with the CD and it sounds great,
plus I think my version is probibly the best I've been able to find.  I find it better
to leave the high E string open the whole song, but its up to you, so what ever. Capo
the 2nd Fret (all chords relivive to Capo, as always) But here are the actual chords:

Em7    :022033
G         :320033
Asus2 :X20233
D          :X00232
Cadd9                                      Em7
See all those people on the ground

G           Cadd9
wasting time...

Cadd9                Em7
I try to hold it all inside

but just for tonight

D (or Asus2) 
The top of the world, Im sitting here wishing
[ Tab from: ]
The things I've become. that some is missing

D (or Asus2)                      Cadd9
Maybe I... But what do I know     (on my own)

                    ---Verse 2---
Cadd9                                        Em7
And know it seem that I have found

G          Cadd9
Nothing at all...

Cadd9                                     Em7
I want to hear your voice out load

Slow it down, Slow it down.

                  ---Chorus 2---
D (or Asus2) 
Without it all I'm choking on nothing

It's clear in my head and im screaming for something

D (or Asus2)                                                             Cadd9        
Knowing nothing is better than knowing nothing at all 

Cadd9  Asus2   Em7
 (on        my       own...  ) 

Play the words "on my own" 6 times then go back and play Chorus 2 once more, and end on Em7

Rock on!