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Up All Night Tab

Unwritten Law
Up All Night

Submitted by Ryan 

This is a cool song.  Great chart and fun to jam with.  
It is intermediate, but not that difficult if you know the song. 
Here it goes!


------------------------------                  -----------------------------
------------------------------                  -----------------------------
-4-4----4-9-------------------    Do this       -------------------9--8--5---                        
-4-4----4-9-----4-4---4-7-----       3 times,   -6--7--6--7--6-----9--8--5---
-6-6----6-7-----4-4---4-7-----           then:  -6--7--6--7--6-----7--6--3---
-6-6----6-7-----2-2---2-5-----                  -4--5--4--5--4-----7--6--3---


--------0-0-0-0----------0-0---------0------                 ------------   
--------5-5-5-5----------0-0---------0------                 ------------
--------------------------------------------    Then the     ------------
-6-6----------------------------------------      little     -4-4--6--7--
-4-4---------------7-7-----------9-9----6-6-     prechorus:  -4-4--6--7--
--------------------5-5-----------7-7---4-4-                 -2-2--4--5--

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-----------------------     Then back to the verse,
-4-----6-----------4---   except after the first bar of the verse,                        
-2-----6-----7-----4---   play the little prechorus again. 

After 2nd Chorus:

Play the last riff of the intro, except hold the last G/C power chord.  
Then it is a little jam depending on which version you happen to have.  
On the album version he just picks around on the chorus chords, 
but on some versions they just play the verse riff like a little jam.  
Whatever you chose will be fine.  That is why it is called a jam! Hey!

Play the intro again, except on the last riff play this:


That's it!  I know, I know it seems like a lot, but it's not.  
Just listen to the song and you'll get the rhythms and patterns. 
Any questions or comments or insults... can be sent to Doughnut@sc.rr.com.