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Sing Of Your Love Chords

Hi! As the lover of United Live.I really want you guys to play this song with all of
your heart,coz We have to sing for Him because of His love to us.


D                   A
It used to be darkness 
Bm          G
Without you I
D                        A
I lived my life in blindness
Bm              G
But now I am found 
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D              A        Bm          G
And I'll sing, sing I love you so
And I'll sing
           A                Bm
Because the world can't take away
Your love


Found me in weakness 
You came to me in kindness
And now I live


I'll give my life for you Lord
For all you've done

That's all easy isn't?But i can't get the tabs for the bridge!!Can you guys help me?
Please mail me at c_soen@hotmail.com!!I really pleased about Hillsong United Songs.Thanks. God Bless You