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Hands That Built America Chords

U2- Theme From the Gangs of New York

                       HANDS THAT BUILT AMERICA

I couldn't find any tabs for this great song so i figured i would lay down the chords. I hope it helps

                                       By Nick Morolda

F#m   E                         D           
Oh my love its a long way we've come 

F#m               E                            D 
From The freckled hills to the steel and glass canyons
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Am                            G                D
From the stormy fields to the rain to sea from sky (?)

Am                   G             E              D  
From Reaching in our pockets for a reason not say goodbye

F#m           E                D
These are the hands that built america

F#m E   D       

So on and so forth...

If someone has the bridge part with the opera part please put it in cause im not so sure about it...