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Escape The Hurt Tab

Song:Escape The Hurt
Tabbed by:albert "master tabber ng stcjs" lactaoen
          nap "emo kay regine" rodriguez
          edizon "pas lerner" regodon

this is just the intro....well find out the complete
version of this..promise! magaling kumapa si albert eh!

oh eto...ganto ang simula....

siguro i tono mo sa drop D (DADGBe)
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thats it!

accurate yan mga tol,siguro bitin kayo..di bale pag nabuo namin i popost namin agad
eto na lng muna regalo namin pansamantala

Escape The Hurt

impossible to match
i'll try to be calm
blood stain screams out your name
i'll try hard to take it off
the moment is haunting me
so i sleep and escape the hurt
please try be yourself
i'll try hard to be myself
tell me where it hurts
show me
i will take your pain
and put it with my own
i'm losing my worthless breath
heal me
i'm not strong like you
heal me now

lyrics muna...ok?
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