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I think this is in B Minor, even though it starts on Amaj.
I hope to complete the song eventually, but here is the intro as far as I can tell.

Guitar? Keyboard? intro... Heavy Phasing regenreation.

It may also just be an A note with the heavy effects altering the pitch.

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Amaj triad listen to song for beat. Its played 7 times I believe.

Now the heavy riff. It sounds really differet slowed down.I try to play as many notes as 
can to get that real big sound on the recording.


I also recorded the high part, then dubbed the low part in, and it sounded just as big.  
for the part before the chorus. Its a Bm, and an F#m, the second time you end on a D 
the chorus.

More to come as I get it done.

Dan Hart
"dhart2 at Comcast dot net"