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Lemonade Bass Tab

Tsunami Bomb:Lemonade (from the Invasion from within EP)

Tsunami Bomb rocks and everyone should check them out, they have an Ep
(The Invasion From Within) and a full length, The Ultimate Escape.
you should seriously invest in them. This is for anyone who didn't know about
this great band called Tsunami Bomb. check them out at www.tsunamibomb.com and
look for mp3 on the web. Tsunami Bomb, as also heard on the warped tour
compilation 2001 and 2002. Check Out Tsunami Bomb! 

This is a pretty basic bass line from TSUNAMI BOMB off of their ep. "Lemonade"

 slide= __  hammer= ~
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tsunami_bomb/lemonade_btab.html ]
G -----------------------------------------------------------
D 5555_10-10-10-10_22222-0000-5555_10-10-10-10_22222-0-0-----
A -------------------------------------------------------3-2-
E -----------------------------------------------------------

THE REST OF THE SONG (verses, chorus, outro, etc...)
G --------------------------------
D --------------------------------
A ----------------7-7-7-7-5-5-3-2-
E 3-3-3-3_7-7-7-7-----------------

*****the last note is the 3rd fret(G) on the fourth string*****

i hope you enjoy playing this song and i hope you all enjoy tsunami bomb!