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Thin White Line Chords

Song:Thin White Line
Artist: Trooper
(In the Key of G)

Intro: Strum G going into verses
Lead lick during strumming!
Verse 1:
 G                         C
 Once upon a time You were a friend of mine.
                G               D
 We used to sing songs All Night Long.
                G                         C
 And I trusted you Everything you said was true.
                G                            D     (Stop for a second)
 Now I can't get Through to you, Something's Wrong 

 There's a Thin White Line
 Separating Yours and mine
 Want me to believe
 Everything is Fine,
        D          C          G
 and the Cow jumped over the moon.

Verse 2:
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 I guess Superman was right some people need their kryptonite
 Gotta have something To take them away.
 I don't know where you're going to But I know I can't go there with you
 The Thin White Line Turned into a wall.

 Stop again and then do the chorus.

 This next part is like a bridge with timed beats on the E, C goes back to normal strumming!

 E                                                    C
 Round trip ticket takes you back to where you started
 It's hard to start again
 E                                          F
 One way ticket means you gotta go somewhere
 Every line's got an end....

The third verse moves up one whole scale so the key was G now it's C
             C               F
 Once upon a 'time You were a' Friend of mine
                 C                G
 We used to sing 'songs All night 'long.
        C                       F
 Then I 'lost you, Just another 'Friend it cost you.
               C      G                   C (Still stop for the chorus)
 The thin white' line 'Turned into a wall.


 There's a Thin White Line
 Separating Yours and mine
 Want me to believe
 Everything is Fine,
        G          F          C
 and the Cow jumped over the moon.
        G          F          C
 and the Cow jumped over the moon.

Stay on C till end and fade! Sorry I didn't all the lead licks!